What We Do

Finance Transformation

Whether your company is generating 1M in annual revenue or 25M, the path to profitable, sustainable growth is a perennial challenge.  CFOs or VPs of Finance need support for which either they don't have time or in-house expertise.

Vireo provides the framework and the expertise to simplify the tools, formalize the processes, and organize the data, all to instill confidence in the decisions being made.

Founders and CEOs need a steady hand to set the stage for seamless execution. CFOs at the helm have only so much time and in-house expertise and are under pressure to grow value. 


Data Orchestration & Strategy

Analytics and AI is only valuable when the data supplied is sufficiently complete, timely, and accurate.  With the key challenge today being the number of disparate systems in an business, data strategy and maintenance are critical functions.  Yet, a dedicated role is only found in a few companies.

Vireo serves as your fractional Chief Data Officer, setting the policies and practices that solve the data challenges for your analyitcs and AI initiatives.

Getting hands dirty with data is where we start while also setting up business-relevant policies and practices so that your team doesn’t keep getting dragged into the weeds (ie: your business analyst actually analyzes, rather than cleans, your data):


Who We Are

Our team is made of business leaders and operators who understand that growing a business involves complex decisions, none of which are made in a vacuum. We strive to provide holistic answers, and insist on getting involved with client teams to solve challenges.  With backgrounds in operating companies, serving on PE & VC teams, and supporting leadership teams from the boardroom, we have a 360-degree view of what’s at stake when building lasting companies.

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