What We Do

ESTABLISH the Office of the CFO

As growing companies expand their focus from sales & delivery to solve for scale, back office operations become critical.  Vireo provides the framework and the expertise to simplify the tools, formalize the processes, and organize data.

Ventures that have found product-market fit and are booking repeatable sales now have to set up the foundation for increased scale. Founders and CEOs need a steady hand to set the stage for seamless execution.  

Geared towards companies with at least $1MM in annual revenue, at this stage, Vireo helps with the foundations right:

OPTIMIZE the Office of the CFO

Large enterprise organizations have a solid team of finance operations talent.  Yet, because of the scale of these organizations, CFOs here often need additional support for which they don't have time or in-house expertise for.  We support the CFO in driving large initiatives to completion and solving complex, multi-layered challenges.

Well established organizations generating over $10MM in revenue, be they PE-backed, VC-funded, or well-run bootstrapped businesses, have big goals to reach each year.  CFOs at the helm have only so much time and in-house expertise and are under pressure to grow value.

This stage of support is for enterprises generating over $10MM in revenue annually.  Vireo’s team becomes the CFO’s right-arm, providing short-term & long-term support in:

Who We Are

Our team is made of business leaders and operators who understand that growing a business involves complex decisions, none of which are made in a vacuum. We strive to provide holistic answers, and insist on getting involved with client teams to solve challenges.  With backgrounds in operating companies, serving on PE & VC teams, and supporting leadership teams from the boardroom, we have a 360-degree view of what’s at stake when building lasting companies.

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